Sex and the man

Sex in men's life seasons

Men have the chance to enjoy sex no matter the age. If one takes care of his health, sexual potency not only does not fade away in the course of time, but becomes even more prominent. Anyone can achieve that.


This is the time of wild passions and sexual records. A young man can "fire up straightaway" just at the thought of it. The elastic blood vessels stiffen the male organ, "recharging" is instant and a few consecutive intercources without loss of erection can be no exception. This helps even "fast runners" take the situation in hand.


Men undertake new commitments throughout the years, which leaves thoughts of and time for sex away into the background. However, the importance of sexual performance remains, regardless of whether it is a matter of a lasting relationship or just an affair. To avoid unnecessary disappointment, one should be aware of some natural developments, which occur with age:

  • An older man is like a violin – he needs more time for tuning to achieve excellent performance;
  • His penis is not always as rigid as steel, however some women enjoy this velvety touch;
  • "Automatic recharging" becomes more and more difficult, yet the skills for extending the act improve, and in most cases the task is completed as early as in the compulsory programme of the first intercourse;
  • Even if the "forward" leaves the playground, a mature man has sufficient experience to carry on the game with his remaining ten players (fingers) to secure a victory.

Old age

For the majority of elderly men, sex is just a nice memory. Contemporary medicine, however, has found a solution even for this age group – there are medicines achieving an unbelievable effect. These are the agents from the group of phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Yet, such medication should be used only after consultation with a specialist, and should never be taken together with drugs containing nitrates.


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